Welcome to the DICOM Secretariat’s official site for 2015 DICOM Conferences!

Coming August 27: DICOM Korea Workshop, Yonsei University, Korea

The 2015 Korea DICOM Workshop will include presentations on the fundamental concepts of the DICOM Standard, new features such as the RESTful DICOMweb APIs, and DICOM’s role in modern digital healthcare.

In conjunction with the conference, meetings will be held by: DICOM Working Group 10 (Strategic Advisory) August 25, WG-29 (Education, Communication, and Outreach) August 25, DICOM Standards Committee, August 26. Interested persons may register to attend to these meetings as observers.

The Workshop and the meetings will be conducted in English.

More information and registration will be available on this site.

Coming September 10-11: DICOMweb™ Workshop 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

Did you know that there are many billions of DICOM images in hospitals around the world today? Or that the latest additions to the DICOM standard now allow implementers to access, share, and upload images using RESTful web APIs. These leading-edge technologies enable enterprise imaging, cross-enterprise image sharing, teleradiology and telemedicine, patient engagement, image-enabled EMRs, and more.

On September 10-11, 2015, DICOM will hold a two-day workshop to help attendees get up to speed. Topics will include:

  • DICOM and medical imaging concepts for the web developer
  • DICOMweb™ and web technologies for the DICOM developer
  • Interoperability of DICOM with other standards, such as HL7® FHIR® and IHE
  • Strategic considerations for IT and PACS administrators, and product managers
  • Tips and tools for making the most of your DICOM implementations

A hackathon is planned for the second day of the DICOM Workshop, to give attendees hands-on experiences with the new interfaces. Servers and sample data will be available with leading industry experts providing guidance and insight into the development of real-world applications.

More information and registration will be available on this site.