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The DICOM 2014 Chengdu Workshop will discuss the fundamentals and principal concepts of the DICOM Standard. New features in the Standard will be introduced and DICOM’s role in the healthcare environment will be described.

DICOM 2014成都会议将讨论 DICOM 标准的基本概念和新功能,以及 DICOM 医疗健康领域的作用。

The conference will consist of oral presentations on applications / use cases, techniques, current and developing features.

会议形式是一系列口头报告,有关 DICOM 应用、用例、技术、以及目前已有和正在开发的功能。

In conjunction with the conference, the following DICOM committee meetings will be held: Working Group 10 (Strategic Advisory) August 26, WG-29 (Education, Communication, and Outreach) August 26, DICOM Standards Committee (August 27). All interested persons may register to attend to the Committee meetings.

与会议同时,以下 DICOM 工作组将在成都举行他们的工作组会议:
8月 26日 第 10 工作组(战略策略)
8月 26 日 第 29 工作组(教育、宣传和对外联络)
8月 27日 DICOM标准委员会

The Workshop and the meetings will be conducted in English; the presentations will also be available in both English and Chinese.

DICOM 2014 会议和所有的工作组会议的工作语言为英语。DICOM 2014 会议的口头报告投影幻灯片将同时为英语和汉语。