Host and Organizer

August 25, 2015 – WG-10 & WG-29 meetings – 09:00-17:00
August 26, 2015 – DICOM Standards Committee meeting – 09:00-17:00
August 27, 2015 – DICOM Workshop – 08:00-17:00

Hosted By: Yonsei University, Wonju-campus, Gangwon, Korea

Organized by: Wonju LINC, Yonsei University and by the DICOM Standards Committee



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(Left to right: Jeroen Medema, Philips, Co-Chair WG-29, Luiza Kowalczyk, DICOM Operations Manager, Kevin O’Donnell, Toshiba, Co-Chiar WG-10, James Philbin, Johns Hopkins University, DICOM Standards Committee User Co-Chair, Hee-Joung Kim, Yonsei University Dean, Harry Solomon, GE Healthcare, DICOM Standards Committee Industry Co-Chair, User Co-Chair, Megumi Kondo, JAHIS Representative to DSC, Stephen Vastagh, DICOM General Secretary)

Local Host and Liaison to the DICOM Secretariat:
Hee-Joung Kim,Ph.D Professor, Dept. of Radiological Science, College of Health Science, Yonsei University Dean, Wonju-LINC(Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation),Yonsei University Director, BAERI(Basic Atomic Energy Research Institute),Yonsei University 1 Yonseidae-gil Wonju Gangwon 220-710 Korea,T:033-760-5270 E:

DICOM Secretariat Liaison
Stephen Vastagh, General Secretary, DICOM
c/o Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
A Division of NEMA, The Association for Electrical Equipment & Medical Imaging Manufacturers

1300 North 17th Street, Suite 900
Arlington, VA  22209, USA      

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