Location of the Meetings and Information on Visa, Currency


The Workshop and the meetings will be held:
in the Medical Industry Venture Center and Miraekwan Buildings of Yonsei University, Wonju-campus
Yonseidaegil 1, Wonju,
Gangwon, South Korea



Specific Room Locations for meetings:

aug25August 25-27, 2015
Office of the Local Organizing Committee
Office Room#505 Sanhakkwan Building
(For general information and assistance if needed)
aug26August 25, 2015
WG-10&WG-29 meetings
August 26, 2015
DICOM Standards Committee meeting
International Conference Room #503
Medical Industry Venture Centre Building
aug27August 27, 2015
DICOM Workshop
Room/Lecture Hall #437
Miraekwan Building

General Host and Organizer

Hee-Joung Kim

Professor, Dept. of Radiological Science, College of Health Science, Yonsei University Dean, Wonju-LINC(Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation),Yonsei University Director, BAERI(Basic Atomic Energy Research Institute),Yonsei University

MEDICI Office Room, #509 Sanhakkwan Building,

1 Yonseidae-gil Wonju Gangwon 220-710 Korea,T:033-760-5270 E:hjk1@yonsei.ac.kr


Shown is a sample of invitation letter for colleagues from China.

If you would like to request an invitation letter for the purpose of obtaining a visa, please contact and send in an e-mail all information needed in the invitation letter.



1 US $ = 1,110.50 SKW (South Korean Won) (on 2015-06-24)