Conference Program

DICOM Conference Overview

March 14-16, 2013 (Thursday-Saturday)

Bangalore, India

This is the first event in India that is organized by the DICOM Standards Committee.

Because DICOM is a standard for interoperability of medical imaging equipment and applications, this event should prove especially valuable to:

  • Software developers and software architects,
  • Medical imaging system integrators,
  • Physicians concerned with medical imaging,
  • Healthcare IT administrators, and
  • Faculty members and students in medical imaging informatics programs.

During the Conference, attendees will hear from some of the world’s foremost experts on the DICOM Standard and its implementation.  There will be educational presentations covering DICOM’s capabilities and advanced concepts, including:

  • Digital Image Storage and Distribution
  • Acquisition, Post-Processing, and Reporting Workflows
  • Annotation, Segmentation, and Presentation of Images
  • Structured Reporting and Coded Data
  • Using DICOM in Various Practice Domains & EHRs
  • Implementation, Conformance, and Deployment Tools

In addition, members of various DICOM working groups, and others who regularly utilize the Standard, will review their current activities.  These speakers will provide a close-up view of “What’s New in DICOM” as well as a broad, strategic view of the recent (or soon to be issued) additions to the DICOM Standard and their applications.

Throughout the program there will be an emphasis on discussing implementation related issues specific to India, as well as to other developing countries.

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